Change is GOOD!

growthLife is change.   A sure sign that you’re still above ground and still able to fog a mirror is if change is part of your day.  Hopefully, that change is growth.

This will be a quickie ‘heads up’ to keep you folks abreast of what’s cookin’ here in my wizard’s tower.  Let’s do this ‘bullet style” so we can all get back to our magickal lives ASAP.

  • My target is to create a substantive new post on this website each Tuesday.
  • You will begin to see articles from other writers occasionally featured here in order to give you more variety.
  • There will be a new “Weekly Special” rotation that will change EVERY week.  The specials will be good for that week ONLY.  Take advantage.

In other news……………………………….

Wizards Staff Screen shotSUBSCRIBE to The Wizards Staff.  This is an E-zine that is published every Friday.  It is a curious blend of occult themes and mundane personal empowerment items that are there because we all want to be happy, healthy, prosperous and well loved.  If it’s in The Wizards Staff it has value to YOU – unless you’re determined to be miserable, ignorant and alone!

To subscribe just click that big red button in the right column that says “Subscribe – Free email updates.”  Just give me your name, email, your Social Security number, a DNA sample, a crisp $100 bill and you’re in!  (Just jokes people, just jokes!)

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