A Flexible Truth


A fellow wizard/sorcerer of some note once told me, ‘fellows like us usually go crazy, ya know.’  At the time I thought it a distinct possibility!  As the years passed it became increasingly obvious (to me anyway) that another way of looking at what he was trying to say is that upon closer analysis, reality and truth are neither.  In other words, believing in the delusion that is our “real” world is the insanity and we will appear insane to those who accept the delusion as true.

Our benchmark for what constitutes the real world is our identification with these physical bodies.  Our sense organs report to us a very ‘real’ environment.  We can taste it, smell it, touch it, see it and hear it.  Who but an insane person would suggest it is all just a dream fantasy?  After all our perceptions have been tied to our sense organs from birth onward!

Unraveling the truth behind our dream world existence requires a persistent effort to put everything we consider to be real on a ‘wait and see’ status.  When we are questioning the most fundamental assumptions we have all made regarding how we define who and what we are, we must then explore alternative possibilities.  This is where the “insanity” comes in!  This is no mean feat even for someone used to thinking ‘outside the box’ as they say.

The bottom line is that if you are so inclined to test the boundaries of sanity you may come to some of the following conclusions:

  1. Our awareness, the sum total of our thoughts, feelings, intentions- basically that makes up who you are that is NOT visible or tangible is the REAL you.  If it as if you are a ghost or intangible spirit using a ‘meat suit’ (to borrow a Supernatural show reference) as an avatar to navigate this video game-like ‘earth level.’
  2. We are the unwitting directors of the circumstances and adventures we experience.  Most people are unaware that our true selves are really influencing both the circumstances we find ourselves in AND our perceptions of what is going on.
  3. We do best to acknowledge our truest nature as unencumbered spirit beings, deathless and timeless as the gods themselves.  What we create and experience internally is the ACTUAL manifestation of authentic reality- NOT the reflection of reality that appears in the dream world.
  4. The activity inside of you that goes on unperceived by the 5 physical sense filters is BOTH true REALITY and the CAUSE of what eventually appears on the so-called physical plane.

Hence ‘truth’ is rather fluid and flexible, experienced differently from being to being.  We have all agreed to play LEVEL ONE of “Earth Adventure,” an interactive virtual reality game.  Naturally certain fundamental rules apply in this “world.”  meanwhile, some of us “crazies” have learned that our bodies are merely constructs, avatars, existing in a virtual world, a “Matrix.”  If you are crazy enough to question what is real, you are crazy enough to do ‘magick!’

Enjoy the game friends!

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