Vibrational Beings

High vibrational being1

Abraham Hicks is fond of telling anyone who will listen that we are all, in fact, vibrational beings.  For many people (including myself) it is surprisingly difficult to somehow bypass the evidence of our 5 senses in favor of a belief system that says we are vibrational beings.  It is nevertheless true.

All my life I’ve had this annoying habit of refusing to take other people’s word for something as important as understanding how life actually works in this crazy universe of ours.  The notable exception is my decades long stint as a devout Christian.  In my own defense my indoctrination began when I was 5 years old and didn’t know any better.   Don’t get me wrong; people should believe what they wish.  Speaking for myself alone, I need more evidence that something is so than someone telling me it is.  So the concept that we are vibrational beings took some deep, introspective thought in order to satisfy my criteria for truth.  I’m not saying I’m any smarter or more capable of understanding these grand mysteries of life than the next person, it’s just that I have to make up my own mind up on issues that affect how I comprehend life.

If you believe as I do that we are indeed vibrational entities it allows us to interact with daily experiences in new and expanded ways.  In fact, I’ve discovered that by focusing in on the ebb and flow of my own energy field throughout the day it keeps you aware of BOTH inner and outer sources of subtle information.  Staying in the right frame of mind without getting distracted by the daily hustle and bustle is pretty difficult, I confess, but it just feels right when I can manage it.

Being intellectually aware that we are spirit beings is the start of understanding our true reality but becoming sensitive to our own energy activity in the course of each day – moment to moment – really puts me on the tract of learning to use the law of attraction effectively.

Does anyone else have any thoughts or experiences about this?  Share!



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