“FATE: The Winx Saga”

This is less of a series review and more of a “heads-up” for all those 21st century wizards, witches, magicians, fairies, and elves out there who, like me, yearn to see more realistic portrayals of our kind in film. “Fate: The Winx Saga,” on Netflix, hits closer to home than most, in my humble opinion.

Here is fair warning: We are talking about mainstream entertainment for people who are largely ignorant of what real magick is and how it works, so be prepared to see LOTS of lightning shooting out of fingertips, fire blazing out of thin air, and objects hurled this way and that with the magical wave of a fairy’s hand. The stereotypes are all here.

So why do I recommend this series? First, it is an excellent production on so many levels and really hits the mark for adults who outgrew their Harry Potter robes 10 years ago. The characters are definitely grown, and although they are supposed to be teens, the dialogue and sexual situations are more mature than their stated ages suggest. They are magick-folk of various kinds but predominantly fairies, enrolled in a school of magick called Althea. There are many parallels to Hogwarts but, believe me, this is not a kiddie show! Some scenes are rather scary, the acting is top-notch and most importantly to me, at least the fundamental truths about magick are part of the overall philosophy in this series.

In place of corny latin-esque “spells” a la Harry Potter, the professors at Althea stress the important of using thoughts to achieve the right state of mind to work magick while focusing intense emotions to the task at hand. The emphasis is on mastering your mind and emotions to trigger the magick result you desire, not on reading and reciting phrases in Latin. The series borrows from various pagan and neo-pagan teachings so those of us who know something of these matters will see that the writers have done their homework.

At any rate, I enjoy the series but just remember, viewers need to see shooting electrical bolts and over-the-top special effects to understand that magick is at work. Yeah… I know: real magick is quiet, subtle, and usually INVISIBLE to human eyes! Putting all that aside, enjoy FATE: The Winx Saga on Netflix.

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