About Cathy

A Perfect Balance Between Science & Spirituality.

Cathy Capriotti Maury has a scientific mind. Her thought process defaults to logic and rationality. This makes her the ideal compliment and co-host for Occult Realms. Why? Because she’s not gullible or given to drawing unsupported conclusions. In a word, she’s a skeptic.

Scientific training has taught Cathy what all scientists know; that there is always more to learn! Scientists must have a skeptical, questioning mind while also keeping an open mind. Closed minded people seldom learn new things. Fortunately, Cathy has a great balance between being naturally skeptical while keeping an open mind.

Cathy and Q have shared their lives together for over 12 years and it has been an interesting intersection between the logical mind and spiritual perception. The Occult Realms podcast is an outgrowth of the debates and discussions Cathy and Q have had for years!

Q has always had certain spiritual gifts and experiences that are impossible to explain given current scientific knowledge. Cathy’s scientific background allows her to see things from an entirely different perspective. Her years of association with Q has convinced her that, despite the absence of hard scientific proof, his psychic gifts and skills are real.

Always willing to consider new possibilities, a teenage Cathy on her very first job became licensed and qualified to drive the big rigs, and payloaders, leaving a lot of envious guys scratching their heads! Later in life she ran a small business to supplement family income while raising 2 daughters.

Cathy is a professionally trained and gifted Life Coach with a wise and kindly manner. She is a proud mother of 2 young ladies and a rambunctious Lab-Shepherd dog!

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