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Author, Psychic, Counselor, Artist… Oh, my!

Mr. Q, or Qumran Taj, cannot be described without using words like eclectic, colorful, and paradoxical. It helps to imagine Q as a soul who has reincarnated through many different lifetimes in many forms. Now imagine all those lives happening in ONE LIFETIME!

Q has been a guide and travel companion to thousands of individuals seeking to reconnect with their own power and true nature. He is the author of two books, has seen his articles and interviews published in respected magazines, and newspapers like Newsday, New York Magazine, Long Island Press, Creations Magazine, and others. His poems have been published in local anthologies.

For the better part of 30 years, Q has been doing life-transforming “readings” and consultations with people who have discovered that his gift is real. Qumran avoids using the word “psychic” to describe the gift he has had since he was 6 years old. Sadly, charlatans, thieves, and bogus “cold readers” have created a public stereotype of psychics as grifters and swindlers. When pressed he will confess that he is a genuine psychic but prefers terms like intuitive, or sensitive to describe himself.

Qumran Taj is a trained and certified professional Life Coach. This is non-psychic counseling that helps individuals to clarify and quantify their goals and help keep them focused, motivated, and progressing toward their dreams.

The writings and interviews of Qumran Taj have appeared in these and other respected publications.

“The Wizard” is how many people know Q since his search for meaning and our place in the universe has led him to explore many forms of spirituality from Christianity to alternative nature-based paths such as Paganism and non-religious spirituality. The result has been a very wide-based conception of the Divinity that lives within each of us. In this way, through Q’s many classes and seminars over the last 20 years or so, he has helped individuals of ALL faiths to understand the Divine essence that all humans share.

Q in his iconic wardrobe as “the Wizard.”

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