Unspoken Epitaph – a Poem by Qumran Taj

I was once like you. They say I lived at one time. Aye, it is the story that is told. Where mystery festers under every rock And red-eyed demons pull tight their shadowy cloak lest we spy them lurking. Sure, your days flow without end it seems. But, alas, wherever do they go? I was... Continue Reading →

Artificial Intelligence: Food For Thought

Greetings friends. Artificial intelligence has been in the news lately and it inspired me to make an informal off the cuff video post.  In it I make reference to comments made by one of the world's preeminent scientific minds Stephen Hawking. You might enjoy reading the BBC article so here is a link to it:... Continue Reading →

Dawn of the ‘Olde Age’

The brighter the light of the so-called "New Age" gets, the clearer it becomes that we are at the re-birth of the 'Olde Age.' I couldn't be happier! Let the world return to the days of magick, sorcery, wizards, witches, cunning-folk, dragons, beastly familiars, mysterious spirit entities and worship of the olde gods. These days... Continue Reading →

NEWS: “Scientists PROVE magick is real!”

It is with heavy heart that I must report this to be a fictional news headline.  Instead, let us call it a 'prediction.'  For years I have been telling anyone who would listen that the realm of paranormal phenomena, psychic events, hauntings and all suchlike "occult" goings on ALL have rational, scientific explanations.  Science and... Continue Reading →

Interview with the Leprechaun

It must have been a Sunday. The all-too-familiar pressure to get to work on time was notably absent. I hovered blissfully between sleep and wakefulness and there was no rush to change that anytime soon. From the deep crater in my pillow an unflattering outcropping of wild hair and assorted facial features jutted out. A... Continue Reading →

The Magick of the Talking Stick

Let's put this one in the “sometimes-simple-works-better-than-complicated” category. The Indian “talking stick” is one of the most effective yet ultra simple methods you can use to foster better communication between family members. In fact, it is a real-world strategy that beats the pants off of fancy conventional conflict resolution techniques. I've used the talking stick... Continue Reading →

Light is Returning

Lovely poem. It is always a pleasure to hear witch’s music.

Light is returning,
Even though this is the darkest hour,
No one can hold
Back the dawn

Let’s keep it burning,
Let’s keep the light of hope alive
Make safe our journey,
Through the storm.

One planet is turning,
Circle on the path around the sun,
Her children urge you,
To come on home.

Come on home, come on home, come on home.

[by Charlie Murphy]

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Lord of the Gates of Matter

While feeding my addiction to Pinterest I came upon "The Devil" Tarot card with a curious subscript; "Lord of the Gates of Matter."  This triggered a cascade of serendipitous correlations in my mind.  The card, pictured above, shows the goat of Mendes obviously inspired by Lady Frieda's illustration featured on Crowley's Thoth deck, along with familiar... Continue Reading →

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